Painting over Texture

When we first toured our house we couldn’t believe 1) how much green paint is here and 2) the brown suede walls in the upstairs master. The suede texture comes from some sort of sand that we assume was mixed in with the brown paint. I can’t describe how ugly it was and the pictures don’t do it justice. Luckily, it is gone now.

nova to swva texture paint

We talked to a lot of family members about how we would go about painting it and decided the only way to get rid of the sand-like-texture was to use an orbital sander and sand the entire room. This did not seem an easy feat not only because the room is rather large but because of all the dust that would escape into the rest of the house. We were sort of dreading this project and then Kevin’s Dad suggested getting a quote from a professional painter and just avoid it all together which was sounding better and better.

Kevin’s family came down not too long after we moved in and of course brought up the discussion again about what to do about this room! Our sister-in-law suggested buying a really thick primer and just trying out a swatch to see how well it would cover the texture.  We had no idea if this would work and went ahead to give it a whirl.

The next day we researched a few primers and decided on Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer as it came highly recommended by the paint guy at Lowe’s. We had already picked up a test jar of our paint selection (Polished Stone by Behr) so we headed back home to lay down some plastic, taped off the baseboard and applied the primer! We decided to see how well the primer worked by also doing a swatch without the primer and just paint. We let it dry a few hours and came back to the obvious choice of paint & primer. You could not only see the difference with the primer but to the touch was what sold us.

Above is without primer, below is with

Above is without primer, below is with

Master Bedroom Prep

The previous tenants (or whomever painted the room) didn’t do the best job of not painting the baseboards as well. We decided instead of taping off the baseboard, we’d just tape the plastic to a low point of the trim and if any of the primer hit the baseboard it’d be fine since we needed to paint them again anyhow.


Prep work for painting is NOT fun, we realized this really quickly. My biggest complaint about the primer is definitely the smell but really there doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid this. Even with the windows open and the ceiling fan on it was pretty intense. We completed one coat of primer, waited 2 hours for it to dry then went ahead and taped the trim and ceiling.

1st Coat

The next day we headed to Charlottesville for Kevin’s Grandpop’s 93rd birthday so the second coat and trim waited until Monday-Wednesday…

I’m so happy with the way this room turned out. It took a few days for it to completely air out but I set a candle (on a warmer) with the ceiling fan on for about a day and I think this helped tremendously. If you are dealing with textured paint, try a thick primer like the one we bought and just go for a test swatch! This will certainly save you time and money if it does work instead of immediately planning on outsourcing or sanding the job!

Our Master Bedroom


Our First Home

My husband, Kevin, and I recently purchased our first home in Southwest Virginia (close to Virginia Tech for reference) and are in the process of adding our own personal touches to it. The house is far from old (built in 2002) but updates are certainly in order. Our projects so far have consisted of:

  • Cleaning the carpets (OK, this was outsourced ;o)
  • Cleaning the hardwood & tile floors
  • Putting together our IKEA furniture
  • Painting the upstairs master bedroom
  • DIY’ing couch throw pillows
  • DIY’ing my vanity
This is right after work on the day we bought the house!

This is right after work on the day we bought the house!

Here is the entryway into our first home

Here is the entryway into our first home (bad iPhone photo)

Here is our upstairs master with a lovely brown suede (ummm not)

Here is our upstairs master with a lovely brown suede (ummm not)

The Doyle's!

The Doyle’s! (My mom purchased this mat for Kevin and I looooong before we were married…glad you can foresee the future, Mom 🙂 )

A few upcoming projects are:

  • Painting the master bath
  • Framing the master bath mirror
  • Stenciling a wall in the master bath
  • Painting the office

Of course, a long with the purchase of a home means no more “work orders” put in to maintenance. We get to deal with this too and so far we’ve had to:

  • Repair the AC
  • Replace the garbage disposer

Up next:

  • Replace a leaking faucet
  • Replace a leaking water heater
  • Possibly repair the motor for our jetted tub but for obvious reasons this is not high on our priority list (or at least mine…)

Exciting things, guys!! We are doing our best (when I say “we” I mean “I”) to not rush furnishing the house, choosing paint colors and throwing things up on the wall just to regret it because we are overly excited to get things checked off our list. Luckily this has only happened twice so far with minor items (I guess twice is OK for only a month & a half of living here??) which includes jumping the gun on fabric for throw pillows & not loving our kitchen curtains/hanging them too low.

Kevin didn’t love when I mentioned the curtain rod being too low 5 minutes after he hung it….needless to say it is still hanging at said too low height.

Anyways, up next will be our post on painting our bedroom together. This was quite the head scratcher at first so stay tuned!