Whole 30 Round 2

OK so long time no talk! And taking a big side leap from DIY posts to “healthy living blog style” by documenting our Whole 30 Round 2 journey.

A few weeks ago I brought up doing a second round of Whole30 to the hubs & he was certainly up for the challenge. We did a Whole 30 in February 2014 but 1) we only made it 26 or 27 days I believe and 2) I was counting calories 3) I’m pretty sure I survived mainly off almond butter so of course gained weight on the detox.

Anyway, a few reasons I wanted to repeat the challenge:

  • We recently road tripped to NJ (about an 8.5 hr drive) and listened to Omnivore’s Dilemma on tape (side note- I highly recommend books on tape after that experience)
  • Listening to the book really gave us a more educated outlook on the foods we eat, honestly we’re pretty clean eaters in general but certainly enjoy a box of cereal, Skinnycows nightly, chips and salsa- yes please! and just wanted to have a reason to decline these and see how my body reacts
  • My face (specifically my chin) has been breaking out A LOT worse than normal lately and I wanted to see how cutting out dairy and sugar will affect my skin
  • After losing some weight by counting calories I’ve stayed the same weight for about 6 weeks. I don’t really want to call it a plateau because if I was as consistent with tracking on weekends as I am during the week this more than likely wouldn’t be the case

Ok, so there are a few reasons I’m jumping into this! Kevin is on board but said from the beginning he’s going to supplement his diet with ezekiel bread, protein bars & protein shakes which is totally fine- whatever he needs to do in order to not lose weight!

Here’s a general meal plan from the past few days. We technically started on Wednesday, 2/18 but went to a party on Friday and of course caved when I saw pretzel thins, hummus & carrot cake. So I restarted on Saturday so we’re currently on Day 3 over here!


2 local eggs, local homemade breakfast sausage & avocado


coffee w/frothed coconut milk

Meal 1: local eggs, local breakfast sausage & avocado; coffee w/coconut milk (this is a daily standard, I just mix up the way my eggs are cooked- sunny side up, scrambled or omelet style)


Brocooli Slaw w/ (a failed attempt) avocado dressing

Meal 2: this and dinner varies (but not far- meat and veggies of course!):

  • PaleOMG pizza bake (I seriously can’t get over how good this is) w/broccoli slaw
  • chicken drumsticks w/broccoli slaw
  • Local eggs & sausage
  • Larabar (when I don’t feel like cooking or eating to close to Crossfit)
  • Chipotle

Meal 3: this is really similar to our Meal 2’s:

  • PaleOMG pizza bake w/brussel sprouts
  • Local Pork chops w/crispy green beans
  • Local bison burgers w/brussel sprouts & local sweet potato fries

One thing we try really hard to do is buy as much local meat, produce & eggs as possible. Because it’s winter the only seasonal meat available is red meat & pork so we rotate between that but also buy chicken from Kroger (which we prefer not to do & if you’ve read Omnivore’s Dilemma you’ll understand why but we don’t feel great eating red meat or “the other white meat” 3 times a day!)


mmmm probiotics

Snacks: The idea and goal of Whole30 is to eliminate snacking as much as possible. While I do my best I still haven’t been able to nix the apple, Kombucha or almonds..hopefully soon!

So that’s my recap so far! We are heading to Orlando, FL for a wedding soon so I am going to do my absolute best and prepare myself as much as possible for success!


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