About Me

I’ve read a lot of blogs in the past, primarily healthy living blogs as a youngin’ then moved on to pinterest during our engagement and now have turned to DIY and home improvement blogs as we recently purchased our first home. So here is my our little piece of the pie in this american dream we’re lucky to be living.

My name is Lauryn, I recently started working from home for our family business and have a part time job of keeping up with a home double the size of what we’re used to. My husband and I got married October 2013, went on our honeymoon in January and bought a house in May. It was quite the productive year and we’re trying to figure out how to top it…

So here’s where I go into what this blog will consist of. I really, really enjoy healthy living blogs so from time to time I’ll add a bit of this on my “lifestyle” page including exercises that I recommend. I’ll write about our farm share we recently joined and of course home improvement/DIY projects. I find it really interesting I’m going to provide guidance on DIY but there’s a first time for everything!

So stick around and enjoy the show!

P.S. I’ll do my best to proofread, but sometimes I’m on a roll and well….just go with it!


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