Whole30 Staples and Meals

I wanted to make a list of what we usually purchase from the grocery store (or 3 stores in our case) and the meals we’ve been making, Granted we have only done this for about a week and are starting over but this at least really helped us in the first week and what I’m using as I start the second first week!

Green veggies such as:
– asparagus
– brussel sprouts
– green beans
– bell peppers
– organic chicken
– kombuchas

(this is an international food store but sells from local farmers)
– local beef
– local eggs
– ghee
– seasonal local veggies: apples, flat green beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions

Annie Kays
(this is a local natural market)
– Seasonal local meat (right now in winter the selection is limited to beef, bison & pork)
– ground pork sausage
– bison burgers
– pork chops
– coconut milk

Our meals have been mostly meat and veggie, here’s a typical day:

Breakfast: sausage patty, 2 eggs, avocado, coffee w/coconut milk
Snack: apple w/kombucha
Lunch: Paleomg pizza bake
Dinner: Bison burger between two thick tomato slices w/sautéed onions, sweet potato fries and roasted flat green beans

I’m sure as the days go on we’ll add more staples but this is what has worked for us so far!


Whole30 : Starting Over

Last Thursday the hubs and I headed to Orlando for my cousins wedding. I did the best I could to prepare with the following items:

– wholly guacamole 100 cal packs
– cut up veggies
– lara bars (protein bars for him)
– almonds
– freeze dried fruit with no additives (from Target)
– Kombuchas
– apples

and I also picked up Chipotle for us on our way out. So basically I lasted until that evening. We left at 12pm and arrived in Orlando around 10. Soon after we arrived a bunch of us headed to a dualing piano bar and I ordered a club soda. We were there for about an hour then I started to not feel so great as I hadn’t eaten a meal since around 2pm when I dove into my Chipotle. We left the bar with my brother and his gf in search of food, everything we passed at that point was closed so we headed back to the hotel and went to their little quick mart for something. The only “meal” they had were salads (a good option but not what I wanted at 1am) and wraps, naturally I went with the wrap, ate all of it which was a bad idea as well and from there I threw up my hands to Whole30.

I would like to say I am happy I got to enjoy myself for the weekend though, we headed to Universal Studios on Saturday to visit both Harry Potter parks and we got really into it! Kevin and I got cold butterbeer, frozen butterbeer, butterbeer ice cream, a chocolate frog to eat on the Hogwarts Express and pumpkin juice! It was pretty awesome. We had a great time and Kevin was in his prime & seriously nerding out with his HP trivia (which we all enjoyed!).



on the Hogwarts Express (and yes it rained the whole day which didn't deter many people including us)

on the Hogwarts Express (and yes it rained the whole day which didn’t deter many people including us)

Sunday we headed back home and on our way we took a bit of a detour to stop and see my other brother at his new place in Gainesville, FL! Here is his puppy:


We are now home and starting Whole30 today (I bought some items last night before we headed to dinner but will need to go back out for more necessities).

Whole30 : Meal Planning

Day 3 has been a little rough. I was thisclose to grabbing a skinnycow out of the freezer but luckily quickly heated up a leftover bison burger, sweet potato fries, onions and ate the burger in between two slices of local tomato- yum!

I did have extra snacks which is frowned upon. I’m doing my best to get out of the habit of eating every 2-3 hours even though I’m eating 3 fairly large, well rounded meals. The hubs wound up coming home a bit later than scheduled which pushed back our workout time and I got super hungry and grabbed a second apple.

Anyway, I wanted to create a meal plan with what is remaining in the fridge for the next 3 days:

D4M1: 2 local eggs, local homemade breakfast sausage, avocado, coffee + coconut milk

D4M2: leftover bison burger w/tomato slices, onions & broccoli

D4M3: leftover chicken drumsticks w/local green beans


D5M1: 2 local eggs, local homemade breakfast sausage, avocado, coffee + coconut milk

D5M2: leftover PaleOMG pizza bake w/asparagus

a very unappetizing picture of leftover PaleOMG pizza bake

a very unappetizing picture of leftover PaleOMG pizza bake

D5M3: Pork chops w/sweet potato fries


D6M1: 2 local eggs, local homemade breakfast sausage, avocado, coffee + coconut milk

D6M2: Chipotle (salad bowl, fajita veggies, chicken, pico, guac, lettuce)

D6M3: Road tripping food (hard boiled eggs, lara bar, almonds, apple)

Having this meal plan to refer to will certainly make it easier to stick to the schedule! It’s pretty distracting to work right above the kitchen but we’ll make this happen!

Whole 30 Round 2

OK so long time no talk! And taking a big side leap from DIY posts to “healthy living blog style” by documenting our Whole 30 Round 2 journey.

A few weeks ago I brought up doing a second round of Whole30 to the hubs & he was certainly up for the challenge. We did a Whole 30 in February 2014 but 1) we only made it 26 or 27 days I believe and 2) I was counting calories 3) I’m pretty sure I survived mainly off almond butter so of course gained weight on the detox.

Anyway, a few reasons I wanted to repeat the challenge:

  • We recently road tripped to NJ (about an 8.5 hr drive) and listened to Omnivore’s Dilemma on tape (side note- I highly recommend books on tape after that experience)
  • Listening to the book really gave us a more educated outlook on the foods we eat, honestly we’re pretty clean eaters in general but certainly enjoy a box of cereal, Skinnycows nightly, chips and salsa- yes please! and just wanted to have a reason to decline these and see how my body reacts
  • My face (specifically my chin) has been breaking out A LOT worse than normal lately and I wanted to see how cutting out dairy and sugar will affect my skin
  • After losing some weight by counting calories I’ve stayed the same weight for about 6 weeks. I don’t really want to call it a plateau because if I was as consistent with tracking on weekends as I am during the week this more than likely wouldn’t be the case

Ok, so there are a few reasons I’m jumping into this! Kevin is on board but said from the beginning he’s going to supplement his diet with ezekiel bread, protein bars & protein shakes which is totally fine- whatever he needs to do in order to not lose weight!

Here’s a general meal plan from the past few days. We technically started on Wednesday, 2/18 but went to a party on Friday and of course caved when I saw pretzel thins, hummus & carrot cake. So I restarted on Saturday so we’re currently on Day 3 over here!


2 local eggs, local homemade breakfast sausage & avocado


coffee w/frothed coconut milk

Meal 1: local eggs, local breakfast sausage & avocado; coffee w/coconut milk (this is a daily standard, I just mix up the way my eggs are cooked- sunny side up, scrambled or omelet style)


Brocooli Slaw w/ (a failed attempt) avocado dressing

Meal 2: this and dinner varies (but not far- meat and veggies of course!):

  • PaleOMG pizza bake (I seriously can’t get over how good this is) w/broccoli slaw
  • chicken drumsticks w/broccoli slaw
  • Local eggs & sausage
  • Larabar (when I don’t feel like cooking or eating to close to Crossfit)
  • Chipotle

Meal 3: this is really similar to our Meal 2’s:

  • PaleOMG pizza bake w/brussel sprouts
  • Local Pork chops w/crispy green beans
  • Local bison burgers w/brussel sprouts & local sweet potato fries

One thing we try really hard to do is buy as much local meat, produce & eggs as possible. Because it’s winter the only seasonal meat available is red meat & pork so we rotate between that but also buy chicken from Kroger (which we prefer not to do & if you’ve read Omnivore’s Dilemma you’ll understand why but we don’t feel great eating red meat or “the other white meat” 3 times a day!)


mmmm probiotics

Snacks: The idea and goal of Whole30 is to eliminate snacking as much as possible. While I do my best I still haven’t been able to nix the apple, Kombucha or almonds..hopefully soon!

So that’s my recap so far! We are heading to Orlando, FL for a wedding soon so I am going to do my absolute best and prepare myself as much as possible for success!