DIY Hanging Pine Cone Wreath

I’ve been on the hunt for a cute fall wreath lately and they’re all either too expensive or just not exactly my style. I recently came across a pine cone wreath on Pinterest a couple weeks back and thought, OK I have quite a bit of pine cones from my christmas decor I can make this work. But then I saw the hanging pine cone wreath and thought, OK I can get that done in 15 minutes!

3 dollarwreath

The other day I stopped at Michael’s to find some ribbon for my wreath and used a 40% coupon (love the app!). That was all I needed to for my wreath and I┬áhad some time before work today so I got to work! I went down to the basement and got a bag of pine cones from one of our christmas containers, grabbed the hot glue gun, some scissors, measuring tape and a ribbon and I was ready to get to work!


Step by step:

  • cut ribbon into 24″ strips
  • adhere ribbon to pine cone with glue gun
  • stagger pine cones and tie together with remaining ribbon


I only had enough ribbon for 7 pine cones, so I only used 7 pine cones and I think it works perfectly! This is such an easy project and since I had all the materials (minus the ribbon) it only cost me $3! Compared to wreaths in the stores at $45+ this was a steal!



I think I will be adding some bows to the tops of the pinecones because they do look a little messy with just the end of the ribbon resting on the pine cones and all the straggly dried hot glue. But still, easy peasy!